Relations with Wales

The Government of Flanders and the Flemish Parliament are in regular contact with their Welsh counterparts, largely focusing on collaborations on health, culture, tourism and international cooperation. 

As part of the First World War commemorations in 2017, a specific programme was designed in collaboration with Wales. This marked the centenary of the Battle of Passchendaele, where many Welsh soldiers lost their lives, including the iconic Welsh poet Hedd Wyn. This programme included:

  • a formal commemoration at the Welsh Assembly with the Chair of the Flemish Parliament, who handed over the Flanders Fields Memorial Chair as a sign of gratitude and friendship to Wales
  • an academic symposium on Flanders and Wales in the First World War
  • residencies of a Flemish author in Wales and a Welsh author in Wales

In 2015, Cardiff University hosted a Flanders Day reception in the wake of the partnership agreement with Leuven University, during which the close academic ties between Flanders and Wales were highlighted.

The Representation also collaborates with cultural partners and local initiatives, celebrating Flemish culture or historical ties.