European Studies in the hart of Europe

Several institutions in Flanders offer a specialised programme for international students.

The College of Europe is an independent university institute of postgraduate European studies, which has its main campus in Bruges. The goal of this program is to prepare students to take up leading roles requiring a strategic understanding of European issues. According to The Times, the "College of Europe, in the medieval Belgian city of Bruges, is to the European political elite what the Harvard Business School is to American corporate life. It is a hothouse where the ambitious and talented go to make contacts."

The Brussels School of Governance is a cooperation between the Free University of Brussels (VUB) and the Vesalius College, which offers its programme entirely in English. Students with international ambitions will enjoy up-to-date study programs and flexibility in course selection. Some key characteristics of this school are small groups, interactive lessons and permanent assessment. There is an open, tolerant atmosphere to prepare the students for professional life. Critical research, independence, rational thinking, but also global conflicts and developments are amongst the faculty's teaching goals. 

Furthermore, Flemish universities offer different European study programmes. A unique opportunity to learn about Europe and the EU, near the headquarters of the European Union.