Strategy Paper Flanders-United Kingdom

The responsibilities of the Diplomatic Representative of Flanders were outlined in a 2009 policy paper.  

They include but are not limited to: 

  1. Strengthening Flanders’ position as a logistics hub and attractive investment destination at the heart of Europe, with specific attention for transport connections between Flanders and the UK.  
  2. Strengthening the economic reach of Flanders by exploring the British market, stimulating Flemish export to the UK, strengthening the position of Flemish companies in the UK, and attracting investors and tourists to Flanders. These two last objectives are the main tasks of Flanders Investment & Trade and Visit Flanders. There is attention for the promotion of collaborations between British and Flemish partners in the field of science and innovation. 
  3. Exporting Flemish culture, the Dutch language, and Flemish heritage, and promoting collaboration between Flemish and British partners in this area. There is special attention for the commemoration of the First World War. 
  4. Promoting collaboration with British partners in areas for which Flanders has exclusive competence, with special attention to all matters concerning the British devolved nations.  

The focus of the Diplomatic Representation of Flanders in the UK is aimed at economic, cultural, and academic diplomacy. The commemoration of the Great War, cooperation on renewable energy and biotech projects, partnerships with British cultural institutions, festivals or universities…are just a few examples of what we are involved in.